Life Skills, Education, and Employment

Residents at Traverse Place are required to obtain employment, attend school if not already completed, and set aside at least 60% of their income to establish future independent living.

Compliance with house rules such as completing chores, abiding by curfew, being substance free, non-violent and attending life skills training are necessary to maintain residency. Youth must be physically capable of employment, attending school and able to accept supervision by adults, maintain appropriate behavior with peers, and learn and apply decision making skills in everyday life.

Youth must apply for residency. We accept young men and women, age 17-20, who are homeless or lacking stable housing. Once accepted into the program youth can stay for up to 21 months.

We offer opportunities to earn "incentives" for level completions, which means while our residents are learning life skills, they are also earning “credits” toward items they will need when they live on their own.

If you would like to know more about our program or if you or someone you know could use our services call TRAVERSE PLACE (810) 341 -6328 anytime.