Crisis Intervention

Leaving home - for most young adults, it’s a positive event, a step toward independence.  But, for many teens and young people who face alcohol and drug problems, physical abuse, poor peer relationships, or other emotional difficulties, leaving home – running from home – is a desperate act. 

Each year in our community, hundreds of young people – boys and girls of every age, race, and economic class – run away because, in their perception, circumstances at home have reached crisis proportions.  They, and their families, need help to resolve the problems and differences which divide them.  Most important, they need a safe, secure living place while working out solutions.  And that’s when REACH can help.

REACH operates on the belief that running away from home is not a criminal act which should be punished by arrest, lock-up, or a delinquency record. Rather, it is a symptom of family problems which can often be solved with the help of caring professionals. At REACH, our focus is on the whole family. Our services include crisis intervention, counseling, safe shelter, family counseling to reunite young people and their parents, and resource assistance to find other programs that may help.